You call that lunch?

Large group meetings and functions are a source of continual annoyance to your Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian host. Despite the fact that tons of people (I know, very scientific) prefer not to eat meat, I’ve rarely attended a function that adequately provided for the veggie contingent.

At last year’s big old convention, I waited 1/2 an hour for the vegetarian meal. The waitstaff seemed annoyed with the 15 or so of us who stood by the vegetarian table waiting for food. After the long wait, the veggie alternative turned out to be peas, carrots and rice. That’s right; peas, carrots and rice. For some reason the people who decide on these menus think that vegetarianism equates to a dislike of food. The regular menu consisted of a beef dish, a chicken dish and some sort of chicken salad. And we got peas and carrots? Let’s clear this myth up right now; I’m 6’2″ and somewhere in the low two hundreds. I didn’t get that way because I eat like a bird. This year I saved myself the wait and just had side dishes. Yum!

I know what you’re thinking, how could they handle the hundreds of differentpermutations that are out there? How about sandwiches? Or a true buffet? It doesn’t sound like much, but it would do a lot more to satisfy hunger than throwing a random vegetable and rice on a plate.

Pizza is another source of continual annoyance at group meetings. Without fail, at least 50% of the pies ordered have meet toppings. Also without fail, the pies without meat topping are gone in minutes, while at least a portion of the sausage or pepperoni pies winds up in the garbage. It’s not that the majority of people are vegetarians, instead a lot of people who eat some meat prefer to avoid it in certain circumstances. Why am I the only one noticing this?

Being a vegetarian is a choice I made for myself, and it would be silly to expect to never face challenges because of it. That said, the numbers of people who want to eat less (if not no) meat is just going to continue. At a large gathering, especially at a convention where the attendees have travelled and are required to eat the food provided, I expect a little more understanding.

And yes, that is my stomach grumbling.