Screw the Bonds HRs, did you see Jason Phillips?

After last nights victory over the Giants (attended by my two favorite ladies) I’m even more excited about Jason Phillips. He’s 27, and from his performance this year seems to be a real big league hitter. He’s hitting .326 after going 2-3 with a BB and an RBI last night. Having never played first base in his professional career (AFAIK) he’s done a pretty decent job in his time there this year, with the exception of a few shaky moments which were to be expected. He’s got to be in the lineup for the next few years if he keeps this level of performance up.

At what position though? Vance Wilson has been unsteady at the plate this year, but as always he’s been a rock behind it. Piazza will be (it’s a foregone conclusion) getting a lot of playing time at first base going forward. Maybe there’s a team somewhere that will give Vance a shot at starting, which would free up some room. Barring off-season moves though, it might be time for Jason to invest in an outfielder’s glove.