Wow, some work I did with Groove was demoed at Tech-Ed

I just found out that a custom Sharepoint web service I created working with Groove was demoed at this year’s Tech-Ed. I heard this from a Groove contact well after the fact, obviously, so I’m not sure if it was what was described in their press release as “Groove Document Librarian“. The code itself was nothing special, just a a simple web service that used the Sharepoint object model to expose Sharepoint’s document management and search functionality using an abstraction based on our potential customer’s business. It was difficult to write though, as I had to work under a tight time frame with Beta 1 bits and very little documentation.

The one fun little bit was getting an opportunity to use the Web Service Enhancements to send SOAP with attachments.

Considering I’m still miles away from my goal of being published, I’m pretty psyched.