Drunk When You Met Me

As I mentioned the other day, I’m trying to get started with home recording. For your listening pleasure, or at least amusement:

Drunk When You Met Me by Gerrard Lindsay

My guitar playing always seems to be better when I’m listening to it after the fact rather than as I’m worried about hitting the frets correctly and keeping my strumming steady. On Sunday I decided to record a 12 Bar Blues track as my first project.

First, I created a MIDI drum loop using Loopy. It’s very easy to use software that allows you to build drum loops by placing notes in a simple grid. Unfortunately, the sound of the acoustic tracks really made the drums sound silly. I used them as a click track as I recorded, and then removed them before exporting the final product.

I downloaded the demo version of Acid Pro 4.0 and was up and running in five minutes without even looking at the help file. So much for Cubasis VST…definitely stay away from it. After a month of struggling I wasn’t able to get anything recorded using Cubasis. I imported the previously mentioned drum loop into Acid Pro as a midi track using the internal file explorer.

I then connected my bass (a Squier P Bass that I got from Guitar Center for 100 bux) to my Line 6 Guitar Port. The Guitarport is a dongle that accepts a music cable and connects to your PC using a USB cable, and digital modeling software that imitates the sound you’d get using combinations of amps and pedals. It’s not comparable to a real setup, at least not through my crappy PC speakers, but it’s cheap, flexible and takes up no room. I hit record in Acid Pro and it recorded the bass line to a new audio track.

I did the same for my guitar, a Mexican built Fender that I bought from a friend in high school. The funny thing is, as I played the guitar every mistake in the bass line stood out like a sore thumb. Every misplayed note or timing mistake was amplified once I was relying on the bass line for rhythm. I went in cycles re-recording both tracks trying to get the oopses out…after an hour I got bored and decided to finish up with what I had.

This morning (when I should have been working) I decided to add vocals, so I knocked together some pre-school lyrics and got them to fit the rhythm. I plugged an old pair of broken headphones into my sound card to use as a mic, and off I went.

It’s nothing special, but I had a ton of fun making it. Now I just need to get a microphone, and figure out a way to record some decent drums.