Exercise: my little taste of Sisyphus

Last night Sarah and I went to the gym. Sarah goes pretty regularly, but I haven’t gone since before our european trip in July. The bottom line? It hurts to go to the gym for that first time, almost as much as it hurt the very first time. I actually got faint towards the end of our planned 45 minutes…I can’t imagine how I was ever able to do our full routine.

That’s what I hate most about exercise; it requires constant maintenance. If I didn’t play guitar for a few months, I’d be rusty the first time I picked it up again, but I’d still be able to play a bit. If you don’t keep up with your exercise regimen it’s right back to square one.

I also hate doing pointless work. I mean, why in the heck am I throwing you this weighted ball if you’re just going to throw it back? We’re not even keeping score for chrissake!

Those are my fallback excuses for not working out, but I’m going to try and use them as a spur for me to really start taking care of myself. I don’t want to be this out of shape, and I definitely don’t want to get light-headed from 45 minutes of light exercise. Being able to avoid shopping at Big & Tall stores for a few more years wouldn’t hurt either.