IPod + WMA?

Have you heard that HP is going to parner with Apple to release an HP branded IPod? Well, I just stumbled onto an article that says that the deal may lead to WMA support on the IPod. This is big news. I recently purchased a Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra, mainly because I didn’t want to have to convert the thousands of WMA files on my hard drive. Considering the fact that Windows Media Player is standard on XP boxes, I’m sure I’m not alone. This could mean even more amazing sales for the IPod.

The Zen has been a great purchase so far. I was concerned about getting the 30GB version rather than one with a larger hard disk, but I’m only at 50% or so capacity as it is. It’s really amazing how much having 2500 songs or so in your pocket changes your lifestlye. No more CD-R’s for me, and no more getting sick of listening to the same songs.

That said, the device is noticeably larger than the IPod, and not nearly as sexy design-wise. I would definitely have gone with the IPod if this future version had been available.

Now, if only GuitarPort would add WMA support!