Pickabar visits Chapelle's Show!

Early last week I got an email from Blossom saying that she’d gotten four tickets to a taping of Chapelle’s Show. We’d talked about going to a taping, but Blossom actually took the crazy step of following up on what I considered idle talk. Go Blossom!

I mentioned the taping to the guy who works at the rental car place, and he asked who I knew who had so much juice. I probably should have told him that anyone can get tickets, but hey, how often do I get a chance to shine?

After chomping on the bit for the rest of the week, Friday night finally arrived. We were told to meet at an education center uptown, with doors opening at 8:45. Sarah, Blossom, Marissa and I met up at Chez Pickabar around 7:30 and headed out to 106th street and Park confident that we’d beat the rush and wind up sitting in the front row. Why we were thinking that I can’t really explain. When will I start remembering that I live in NYC and not Boise, Idaho? We missed the first batch of users to be let into the studio, and were in the third and final row (out of about ten) that was actually allowed into the taping. The good news is we still got to see the show, and had a fairly decent view of the proceedings. The bad news is we had to stand for the entire time. By the time we got back to La Maison De Pickabar we were all feeling like Charlie Murphy and his brother had done a job on our legs. Cold….blooded…

We actually got to see two tapings, a show full of new skits and the best of season highlights show. Here’s a quick summary of the inside dirt:

  • Dave really cracks himself up. He sat and watched the skits from the chair that was onstage and didn’t stop laughing.
  • There’s a skit featuring an appearance by Wayne Brady that’s going to crack you up. I’ve always found Brady a bit annoying. I won’t say he’s a dancing jig shucking and jiving for white America?wait, I did say it. Oh well. Anyway, the skit shows us the darker side of Wayne?and trust me his hoes better have his money. It’s hilarious; you’ll have to see it to believe it. Best part? “Don’t make Wayne Brady get out of this car and choke a ho!” Despite the negative things I’ve had to say about the guy, you have to give him credit for coming on the Chapelle Show after his treatment during the Negrodomus sketch. Here’s a recap:

    Question: Negrodomous, why do White people love Wayne Brady?
    Answer: Because he makes Bryant Gumble look like a Black Panther.

  • We were promised a skit showing what would happen if an average person smoked as much pot as Snoop Dogg and then took a batter of tests, but it never materialized. Something tells me that sketch isn’t going to make it to the air.
  • While waiting at the education center, we were given the opportunity to register to vote. That’s pretty ironic, considering Dave has made anti-voting statements in the past, and did so even at the taping. I used to be a big believer in the whole “don’t vote for, vote against” school, but that was in the good old days before Bush II. I’m voting, and you should too. Unless you’re thinking about voting for Bush?in that case, Dave’s right! Voting is silly! But I digress…
  • Speaking of Bush, what if George Bush was black? I think the media would probably be asking a lot more tough questions?and so does Dave. At one point in the Black Bush sketch the president accidentally says “You know why we’re going in there! Oil…er…that is…”. Hilarious?I’m doing it no justice. Off camera (well, at least in between the actual filming) Dave mentioned that he’d wanted to poke fun at Bush for a while but had been nervous after seeing what happened to the Dixie Chicks. “Hey, I gotta feed them kids”, he said. It was nice to hear that kind of honesty from a celebrity. He really puts out an open, regular guy kind of vibe.
  • The taping for the best of show was a bit tedious. We’d already been standing for quite a while at that point, and we didn’t actually get to see any of the old sketches. They just told us when to clap, and we hooted and hollered until it seemed like it was ok to stop. It was still fun, I mean it is Chapelle Show of course, but my dogs were starting to bark by the time it was over.
  • The lil Jon thing has gotten old. I admit it; I’ve im’ed Sarah and Blossom “What? What? What? OK!” about a million times, but it’s time to put it to bed. There’s a sketch of Dave and the real life lil Jon having a deep discussion about life, but it was only good for a few laughs. And even those felt a bit forced. Let’s kill it already.
  • The guy who plays Ashy Larry walked by us several times. I was mortified that Blossom and/or Sarah was going to yell out “I’m rich, beeyotch!” or “I want to have your baby, Ashy Larry!”, but nothing turned up. BTW, I totally forgot the actor’s name, and couldn’t find it on the internet. Is there a Chapelle’s Show cast listing somewhere?
  • Dave loves the scatological humor. There was a sketch about the first black man to use a white toilet at the tail end (no pun intended) of segragation that didn’t reallly tickly my funny bone. There were a few humorous moments, but I’m not a big fan of dookie humour. Dave also mentioned that he has a whole book of original turd jokes that he keeps just for his own amusement. Blossom, on the other hand, loved it. She’s been IM’ing me about mud butt since Friday.

I’ll post more as it comes to me…I really should have brought a notepad or something. Oh well, I guess I’ll never get that dream job at the New York Times…