Sweet 27

There’s nothing romantic or symbolic about the number 27. At 18, you’re a man. At 21, you can drink without having to worry about getting carded. At 25, you realize that you’ve lost the last drops of “teen-ness”. But 27? I just feel almost thirty…oh well, happy birthday to me.

You know, there is one good thing about getting older. I feel so much more confident in who I am, what I look like, what my clothes look like, and who my friends are. I’m still the neurotic ball of insecurity I’ve always been, but I’ve finally started to realize that I’m not unique for feeling inadequate at times. I’m just very good at it! Ba-dum-pssh! But seriously folks…it’s not just fluff that old timers tell the youthful to make themselves feel better, age really does help to make you comfortable in your skin. Well, more comfortable at least.