Me Against The Couch 5.5

I’ve been working on a song about my ongoing war against our all too comfy couch. I haven’t made much progress on the song for the last couple of weeks, so I think I’ll go ahead and throw it up here…even without words for the third verse. Speaking of the lyrics, the ones listed below don’t quite match up with the ones that are ahem sung in the MP3 as I’ve been working on them and didn’t keep a copy of the originals. Enjoy!

Me Against The Couch

Friday night, I’m drunk and bored
But not bored enough to actually go anywhere
The bars are dead, the clubs are crowded
Can’t you see life’s just not fair

A comfy couch
A big screen TV
brand new stereo
a million CDs

Friday night and no one’s called
it’s really not my fault
I could call but what’s the point
I’ll just do nothing by default

making excuses, and handing out blame
What has it done for me?
While the man I am is holding back
the man I really want to be

There’s no one blame, not anyone else
I’ll have to take a look at myself
There’s nothing anyone can do to help
when it’s me against the couch

Saturday night there might be a party
Probably at some lame ass bar
A couple of stops out in queens
Can’t you see that’s way too far?

A comfy couch
A big screen TV
brand new stereo
a million CDs

Saturday night and somebody called
The damn ringing just wouldn’t end
I pour myself another drink
And wonder why I got no friends

Me Against The Couch 5.5

If you’re curious to hear where the idea came from, check out:

Me Against The Couch 1.0

Nothing special all in all, but the first song I’ve written from scratch. I really need to work on my soloing though, at this point I’m telling the joke and leaving out the punchline. Oh well, back to the woodshed.

p.s. You know, the comments are working again. Seriously. Go crazy!