Halloween 2004

…and Halloween Eve, I guess, since we went out both nights.

Yet another experience I never would have had without Sarah. For the first time since grade school, I dressed up for Halloween…as Slash. Sarah went as an 80’s hair metal chick, along with a homemade twisted sister shirt. The slash costume went over pretty well, people seemed to be yelling “Slash!” or “G’n’R rules!” at me every time we hit a new block. A few of my friends didn’t even recognize me when we walked into the bar where we ended the night on halloween proper.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, big fat slash…

The contest for most popular costume in downtown Manhattan ended in a three way tie between Marilyn Monroe (alll but one in the iconic white dress), slutty woman (probably the easiest costume choice if you’re a woman), and butterfly/angel/winged type thing.

The contest for best costume out of our friends who dressed up also ended up in a tie between Devo:

and Tippi Hedren in “The Birds”:

Now what am I going to go as next year?