Why did I think Amazon would get Halo 2 to me on time?

I’m a dedicated Amazon shopper. If I need a book or a cd I hit the lovely one click ordering button without even thinking about browsing to a different site. Bookstore? What’s a bookstore? That said, I’m never pre-ordering anything from them again.

I pre-ordered the XBOX from Amazon months before it was released. I naively assumed that it would be shipped the day it came out, and was pissed to receive it about two weeks later. Throughout that two weeks I walked past tons of stores where I could have walked out with a console in five minutes. I complained to Amazon, and after a bunch of emails back and forth received free shipping. Ugh.

Well, simple boy that I am, I somehow decided to pre-order Halo 2 Limited Edition at Amazon a few months ago. Surprise, surprise, they still haven’t shipped it. It’s listed as “shipping soon”, with an estimated delivery date of yesterday. So, instead of spending the day counting the moments until I could get home and start a’fraggin’, I got to know the amazon orders page intimately. Instead of spending the night gleefully needling my fellow xbox livers, I’m sitting here whining on my blog.

My only comfort is that I wasn’t the only one dumb enough to try pre-ordering from amazon. Here’s a sample gripe from the user reviews:

Well guys, never pre-order a video game for amazon again. When I preorder halo 2, it said it was going to be on my door on november 9th. Now it is November 9th and guess what… Im here pissed off writing a review about how amazon pissed me off. It says it hasn’t even shipped the game yet. You guys will probobly give me bad feedback or whatever about this review because it doesnt say how awsome halo 2 is but I still am going to write it to tell everyone that you just can’t trust amazon anymore.

p.s. Halo 2 is a videogame for XBOX. You may have heard of it, it’s expected to sell fairly well. If anyone geeky called in sick for work today at your job they’re probably playing it.