Save those pennies kids!

For the last three or so years Sarah and I have thrown our pocket change into a Seagrams novelty bank at the end of the day. Well, about a month ago the bottle was finally full. We weren’t quite sure how to open the bank exactly, but a small crack at the bottom of the bottle made that a moot point. We pocketed a screwdriver, loaded the bank into a shopping cart, and set off to find a Coinstar machine that could handle our booty.

The Commerce Savings bank on 94th and Broadway had just such a machine, and the bank manager was kind enough to give us a hand. He removed the actual change counting machinery from the cosmetic display case for our convenience, and was right there to replace the bags of counted coins with empty bags as needed. A gentleman who seemed to be a big fan of the coin return process sauntered over to observe after finishing up with his own coins. For a few moments, we were minor coin return celebs. It was all over in about five minutes.

A few days before declaring the bottle full, I bet Sarah that it would add up to more than a thousand dollars. Well, the final tally was $1029 and some change. Over a thousand dollars from pocket change!

With the addition of some of my tax return, that change is now a shiny new Westinghouse 42w2 42 inch 1080p LCD HDTV monitor. That’s right, pickabar headquarters is now an HDTV household…and I’m suddenly enthralled by watching cows grazing in a field at sunrise. I’m also spending a crazy amount of time on the AVS Forums getting tips on tricks, especially the Time Warner NYC and SA 8300HD threads.

Now we just need to buy a new piggy bank! If anyone has a lead on a Jameson bank like the Seagrams bank above please do post a comment.