Exposé like functionality on Vista in two flavors

Today I stumbled onto a .NET app called My Exposé that brings Exposé ilke functionality (they tell me, I don’t have a Mac yet) to Vista boxes. Basically, a keystroke, mouse gesture or other trigger brings up a full screen viewer that shows all of your open windows and allows you to switch focus to any of them. It also supports extensibility via plugins. Pretty cool!

After playing with it for a few hours, I stumbled onto the final Vista Intellipoint drivers for my mouse. In the process of testing out the new bits I learned that clicking the mouse wheel brings up pretty much the same sort of viewer! I may go back to My Exposé at some point, but for now the mouse integration of the Intellipoint software seems a bit more comfortable.

Odd fact, this is the first Pickabar post to feature the accent grave!