Ableton Live is just plain awesome!


I don’t’ (ok, can’t) make decent dance beats or anything so I never really took the time to learn how to use Ableton Live. Looping, schmooping, who cares? I’m all about live performance. The high price also didn’t help things. That said, I do make a lot of tracks as a part of my songwriting technique and even just practicing things like new scales and chords.

Big props to Marshall Law for giving me a tutorial and getting me hooked on Live. My usual DAW (Cakewalk Home Studio) and beat making software (FL Studio, also a great tool) can do everything that Live does…Live just does a lot of things in a more intuitive way that seems to work better with my work flow. It’s hard to describe exactly why, but I just seem to spend more time making music and less time thinking about the software.

Yesterday it finally occurred to me that it’s also a great transcribing tool. I’ve never gotten into dedicated slow down tools, so I’ve mainly used Audacity. That involves a lot of manually changing tempos and manually cutting and pasting loops into new files. Somehow I got used to it. Live has all of the looping and time warping tools built in and they are never more than three clicks away. On top of that, it’s super easy to record new takes, compare takes, etc with a single click.

Highly recommended.