Lisa Uhlig “Gerrard 2008”

Having talented friends is the type of good fortune that can’t be bought or earned. All you can really do is to count your blessings and try to enjoy the wonderful opportunities that inevitably come your way. Lisa Uhlig is one of my closest friends and she also happens to be a great artist. I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of watching her skills and her confidence in her talent grow dramatically over the last few years right in front of me.


Lisa’s been working very hard on a piece for a show at an art space in Bushwick called Division of Human Works. The show was titled “Gentle Now: An Examination of Safety and Balance” and it concerned the relationship between safety and freedom. However, Lisa has been very coy about the actual subject of her piece for the show. I’m unbelievably flattered, honored and humbled that she chose to make your host here in pickabarland the subject of her work. Maybe my jiggly belly will make it into an art history book some day!

Lisa's Painting Of Me

The painting is based on a photo that was taken at Long Beach over the summer on a Monday afternoon. The beach wasn’t very crowded and the five of us (Lisa, Pete, Dave and Amanda) had an amazingly relaxing and invigorating time. The wind was gusting strongly and I raised my arms to let my towel flap in the wind. For a small slice of time it really felt like the wind had blown away all of my cares and I was about to float into the sky. For that one moment concerns about social acceptance, body issues, worries about financial success and all of the other noise that hums along in the background of my thoughts was silenced.

I’m a blogger, I sing in a punk band and I’m a social networking junkie. I’m very much in touch with my own narcissistic tendencies. This is something more than petty narcissism though; I’m overflowing with genuine pride at being associated with something that I consider a truly beautiful work of art. A wonderful moment in my life, a moment that I’d already begun to forget, is now a tangible object.


All of my other talented friends are now on notice!