GPS Finally works for the Samsung Saga on Verizon Wireless


So far I’m loving my the Samsung Saga which I got as a replacement for my series of broken Samsung i760s. Unfortunately, Verizon Wireless were up to there usual shenanigans and they purposefully disabled both GPS and Windows Live connectivity in the phone’s ROM. I had a copy of the Windows Live bits sitting around, but I was unable to find any kind of hack to get the GPS working. Verizon claimed that disabling the assisted GPS was necessary to ensure that customers blah blah blah, but it’s probably a safe bet that protecting their paid mapping service was the major motivating factor.

Well, Verizon finally got around to releasing a new ROM for the Samsung Saga with GPS enabled. I downloaded the setup files and ten minutes later I had GPS working in Google Maps Mobile.

Woot! I’m always getting lost, so this should be a real help.