Throw It Out


When Sarah and I moved from Sunnyside to the city we had eleven telephone cords. Eleven. I had saved every single free cord bundled with phones. We recently had a big argument over how many vases we needed. Coincidentally, we had eleven. The point I’m trying to make is, we’re pack rats. But we’re trying to change.

I really envy the people who travel through life lightly. Possessions, especially knick knacks and souvenirs that you may never look at, are just added baggage to carry around. Is that Christmas ornament really so special that it’s worth paying rent to store it for the next 40 years? Do you really need to save all of those papers? Throw them out!


[Throw It Out][1]


Searching for a way to put it all in a little box
small enough to carry, but not big enough to drop
a lot of things will have to go, but all the things I love
will fit in the box I’m carrying yeah they’ll fit in like a glove

  you may be wondering
  you may ask yourself
  look at the box I’m carrying
  should I leave it on the shelf?

  if you learn about real wealth
  if you leave it on the shelf
  simplicity leads to mental health
  rampant consumption (means) we’re consuming ourselves

    There’s a better life we’re entitled to
    I’m blaming myself as much as I’m blaming you
    simplify clean that pig sty just throw something out
    I’m talking to everyone of you, just throw something out

Your mind is like a gutter, all clogged up with leaves
and the junk that you’ve collected won’t leave you room enough to breathe
it will hurt to let things go but the pain won’t last for long
and the silence that they leave behind will give you room to sing your songs


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[1]: /music/Pickabar - Throw It Out.mp3