Paper Times 2


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I wrote this song about two years ago. It was a single verse long and to be charitable, I was just starting to learn how to record. I had the song stuck in my head and finally decided to to have another crack at it last week. Iā€™m definitely still a beginner in the world of recording, but I think this new version is light years ahead of my earlier effort.

James, from my old band BOTB, was kind enough to add some lead guitar in the right channel.




Paper Times 2


We’re living in paper times with paper people walking around.
There’s nothing holding society up a strong wind will blow it down.
We’re dreaming bout the latest sitcoms hooked on cable news with nothing to say.
We’re playing our Playstations while they take our freedom away.

    We’re living in paper times
    With cable news radio and ink
    We give lip service to everything,
    but we never really stop to think

All the papers say the same thing and the tv only has one view
Right or left they never challenge the tricks the government pulls
The politicians are on corporate payrolls so you know that the game is rigged
The news is owned by huge corporations they’ll never challenge a thing


What they’ve done to the American dream really is a crime
They’ve rigged the game against the working man we’re almost out of time
No one wants to see our nation die liberal or conservative
As long as we fight against each other they’re guaranteed to win


Our countries is owned by corporations…
    We’re living in paper times!
Our future is filled with degradation…
    We’re living in paper times!
Profits will grow while we face starvation…
    We’re living in paper times!
It’s time we rose up to save our nation…
    We’re living in paper times!



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