A little WordPress plugin for adding audio players to posts

I have a ton of old posts for my songs that don’t have HTML5 audio players. Anyone who wanted to hear the songs would have to click a link and have the browser open a player in a new window…like some sort of cavemen. I probably could have written something to update all of the posts, but I decided to whack together a little bit of JavaScript to auto-magically add the HTML audio player for any link to an mp3 that doesn’t already have a corresponding player.…


Solved: Cakewalk Sonar export volume is low

Sometime I post things here just so they are web search accessible. This is one of those times! I’ve run into situations where the WAV files I export from Sonar have very low volume on several occasions. I’ve finished my new track, I’ve got everything EQed and compressed to just the right level and my track is peaking at exactly the volume I want. I’m excited to share the new song with the world (i.…