Inspiring Writing

Here are two pieces of wonderful writing that I’ve encountered recently and would like to share with you. One is a five year old story that shows what sports journalism really could be if it could slip off it’s celebrity gossip shackles. The other is a just published opinion piece on Obama that summarizes my thoughts so eloquently that I have just read it three times in one sitting.…


Brentwood Anthem

Brentwood, Long Island (founded as the anarchist utopian village of Modern Times) is my home town. Hip Hop pioneers EPMD are from Brentwood and they even released a song called “Brothers From Brentwood” as the B-Side to their hit song “Crossover”. Erick Sermon (the E in EPMD and noted producer) went to North Elementary School, just as I did. He even gave the speech at our high school awards ceremony way back in ‘95.…