Thoughts on Mayweather vs. Ortiz

Mayweather was completely dominating the fight. He knew it and Ortiz knew it. It was pretty easy to see that Ortiz was starting to get really frustrated that he was throwing six and seven punch combinations and expending lots of energy to maybe landing one glancing blow. Floyd was also landing those overhand rights pretty much at will and without much effort. If Ortiz wasn’t 15 or so pounds bigger than Floyd, he probably would have been wobbly by the fourth.…


Inspiring Writing

Here are two pieces of wonderful writing that I’ve encountered recently and would like to share with you. One is a five year old story that shows what sports journalism really could be if it could slip off it’s celebrity gossip shackles. The other is a just published opinion piece on Obama that summarizes my thoughts so eloquently that I have just read it three times in one sitting.…


Performance Enhancing Hypocrisy

I live in Brooklyn and I play in a band. That’s not really unique. It’s not even unique in my building. In Brooklyn, 43% of the population has a band or makes beats or sings piano jazz or plays mariachi music on the train. Ok, I made that number up, but the point stands. There are a whole lot of bands in Brooklyn. Let’s imagine that we are able to get every musician in Brooklyn to meet in a single large room.…