Pickabar on Politics 2012

Ok, my one and only political post for the year. Most people are hardworking, decent people who just want to earn a living, take care of their kids and have a few beers on the weekend. The people who put forth the idea of a divided republic have an economic interest in fanning the flames of disharmony. Every election cycle the talking heads, chattering pundits and the angry demagogues from all parts of the political spectrum beat their drums as if we are on the brink of a Civil War.…


Health Insurance Companies Love America!

I just received an email forward and I have to get a reply out. All forwarded emails I receive are usually forwarded to the great circular receptacle in the sky, but this time the email subject line tricked me into delaying my flick of the delete button. Basically, the email suggested that Obama and Congress were trying to do something evil by instituting health care reform and that people should start a revolt to prevent it.…


Thank God racism doesn’t exist anymore!

Last night Sarah and I were at the Mets game, a big win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. Sarah stepped away to get some food in the fifth inning and a few moments later the usher came over to check my tickets. That almost never happens. You see, sneaking into better seats is quasi-accepted tradition in baseball. It’s definitely not allowed, but it is tolerated within certain unwritten guidelines. I’ve been to a whole lot of baseball games, so I feel comfortable sharing some of those guidelines with you.…