Get those big stupid things off the road!

If you’re reading this post, you’re very likely one of my close friends. That being the case, there’s probably very little chance that you drive an SUV. Just in case, I thought I’d share this a link to this article by Malcolm Gladwell regarding SUV safety. If anything, forward it to a gas guzzling friend! Like I said earlier today, I need posts!

For a few months in 2002 or so, I drove to work in Queens in Sarah’s ’91 Celica. One day while waiting for the parking lot attendant to retrieve my car, a woman drove in in one of the largest SUVs I’ve ever seen. She climbed…maybe rappelled…out of the thing and turned out to be about 5’1” and 110 LBS soaking wet. It was a really surreal moment, like something out of that dumb Comedy Central show Trigger Happy TV. How could anyone drive a vehicle capable of carrying the starting lineup of a baseball team by themselves without feeling even a hint of guilt, or at least irony?

I snapped out of it, squeezed my 240 LB frame into the Celica and headed home.

[Via Scobleizer]