Brentwood Anthem

Brentwood, Long Island (founded as the anarchist utopian village of Modern Times) is my home town.

Hip Hop pioneers EPMD are from Brentwood and they even released a song called “Brothers From Brentwood” as the B-Side to their hit song “Crossover”. Erick Sermon (the E in EPMD and noted producer) went to North Elementary School, just as I did. He even gave the speech at our high school awards ceremony way back in ‘95.

As a kid we snuck into the Pilgrim State Mental Hospital grounds for fun. When my grandmother and I went to the movies we cut through the same grounds.

When I rode my bike to my job at Waldbaum’s in Bayshore I always smelled the pastry in the air from Entemann’s.

Anyhow, enjoy this slice of Brentwood pride that was pointed out to me by el ray.