We lost our first discus

Last Monday night, Sarah and I lost our first discus. It was Lloyd, one of our favorites. We’re pretty bummed. Lloyd had been sickly from almost the time we got him last August at 2.5 inches, but he was feisty and full of personality. His symptoms were stringy poo, hiding and lack of appetite. When he first started showing symptoms, we dosed with Metronidazole. It was before we really knew much about discus health and it didn’t help.…


This Tank Is Making Me Grow Up

  Life! Green, hungry and always, always, always reaching.  

  That photo represents a lot of what appeals to me when I look at our tank. That health and vigor requires real effort and continual vigilance. Part of the motivation for Sarah and I in getting a new aquarium was as to provide ourselves with an opportunity to get a more mature attitude towards life. More specifically, we wanted a chance to get into the habit of having the kind of set routines that make a happy and healthy life possible.