vim mocha only: A simple Vim plugin for Mocha users

I’ve been using Vim for almost exactly a year now and I’m still a new enough user that I’m constantly annoying people by talking about it. What an amazing tool! I only wish I’d discovered it earlier. A lot of the power of Vim comes from plugins. There are plugins or even just vimscript snippets that can customize almost every aspect of how the editor works. That’s a huge change coming from the Visual Studio world where most devs are using a pretty vanilla out of the box experience.…


A little WordPress plugin for adding audio players to posts

I have a ton of old posts for my songs that don’t have HTML5 audio players. Anyone who wanted to hear the songs would have to click a link and have the browser open a player in a new window…like some sort of cavemen. I probably could have written something to update all of the posts, but I decided to whack together a little bit of JavaScript to auto-magically add the HTML audio player for any link to an mp3 that doesn’t already have a corresponding player.…