Thank God racism doesn’t exist anymore!

Last night Sarah and I were at the Mets game, a big win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. Sarah stepped away to get some food in the fifth inning and a few moments later the usher came over to check my tickets. That almost never happens. You see, sneaking into better seats is quasi-accepted tradition in baseball. It’s definitely not allowed, but it is tolerated within certain unwritten guidelines. I’ve been to a whole lot of baseball games, so I feel comfortable sharing some of those guidelines with you.…


Why is Bert Williams a nobody?

I’ve loved Johnny Cash’ recording of the song “Nobody” for years, but only recently did I check for the composer’s name. It turns out it that the song was written by Egbert Williams, better known as Bert Williams. He’s the gentleman on the left. It’s always a shock to confront the casual racism that was once so prevalent in this country. Imagine a talented black songwriter, singer and clown being forced to war blackface to make a living!…