vim mocha only: A simple Vim plugin for Mocha users

I’ve been using Vim for almost exactly a year now and I’m still a new enough user that I’m constantly annoying people by talking about it. What an amazing tool! I only wish I’d discovered it earlier. A lot of the power of Vim comes from plugins. There are plugins or even just vimscript snippets that can customize almost every aspect of how the editor works. That’s a huge change coming from the Visual Studio world where most devs are using a pretty vanilla out of the box experience.…


Reset VIM as XDG default for text files

I’ve been a Vim fanatic for a little over a year now, but my first foray into the realm of the super editors was a quick fling with of Emacs. That lasted for about two weeks before I decided that hitting the Control key that often was reducing my quality of life. A few nights ago I randomly decided to install Emacs on my machine during a bout of insomnia. The next morning I tried to download a file (a VIM script coincidentally) from Firefox and the file opened in Emacs.…