Baseball Is Back

Baseball is back and all is right with the world. Or, at the very least, I have something to watch on TV again.

Like any self-respecting baseball fans, Sarah and I took some decent hitting and pitching in the sixth game of the year to be a portent of a world series bid this year. We’re desperate; the last two years have been really tough on anyone who follows the Mets. It’s one thing to be bad, but being bad and expensive is just too much for any sports fan to bear.

Then in the ninth, Armando Benitez came out to seal the deal on our three game sweep of ?Los Expos de Puerto Rico? . Earlier in the day he?d been awarded the Mets Pitcher of the Year for 2002. He came out throwing fire as usual and Sarah and I began debating potential seating for World Series Game 1.

Unfortunately, things went a little awry , and a 2 run lead became a three run deficit. Insert customary Benitez insults/threats.

There’s just something about Met’s relievers and blowing big games….isn’t it crazy how John Franco only became the Met’s elder statesman after ceding his closer role?