I see blue people

Sarah and I went to see the Blue Man Group Complex Tour at Hammerstein Monday night with Morgan and Nora. None of my photos came out, but the BMG have fan photos from the show up on their site.

I had a double shot of Jameson before Morgan and I headed to the city, so I was starving by the time we met the girls. It was about 15 minutes before showtime, so we scarfed down some grub at the diner on the corner and rushed onto the four block long line. It felt like being in line for Star Wars in 1977 or something.

There were two opening bands….uh….I guess their singers had nice voices. Completely boring electronic music otherwise.

This was followed by an unbearable wait for BMG.

Two LED signs flanked the stage and indulged in some sort of audience involvement experiment where they tried to persuade the crowd to support them by yelling and cheering. The sign on the left was, predictably, the free swinging liberal (who encouraged photo taking, so I’m covered ;)). The sign on the right represented the conservative side, but it was a poor representation as it didn’t at any time criticize anyone for “letting the terrorists win”. After two or three somewhat interesting jokes, the non vegatative portion of the crowd lost interest completely. Yawn…

By the time BMG actually hit the stage, we were all pretty sick of standing and eager for the show. This was my first time seeing them, but I’d passed their old performance space on 8th and 2nd hundreds of times. There were always pretty big crowds there, so I was really looking to be impressed. No such luck. Maybe I’m just lazy, but the minimal enjoyment that came from hearing passable at best electro-rock music combined with some decent stage antics didn’t justify standing for nigh onto three hours. Even a fairly bugged out encore cover of The Who’s Baba O’Reilly was too little too late.

It’s possible we would have all had a better time if we weren’t quite as sober. Then again, that can be said about almost anything and doesn’t really justify all of the standing we had to do.

While I’m on the subject, why does every musical act in the world have to do the fake encore thing? Trust me, you’re not fooling anyone. If you insist on faking it, at least turn the freaking house lights on so there’s some illusion that you’re actually not planning on playing again two minutes later. A decent portion of the crowd left during the gap between the final song and encore…in hindsight we probably should have joined them.

My favorite part of the night was the flash animation that was shown above the stage. There was some matrix-like statement about the dehumanization of the modern 9-5 life that seemed especially powerful. This could have been because I was wearing dress shoes and slacks at the time…Sarah, if you’re reading this, learn flash already!

Man, I’m really feeling negative today! I’m going to have to make Friday shiny happy day so I can enjoy the long weekend.