Oh yeah, Friday

We went to a super cool Bulgarian restaurant called Mehanata on Friday with Danielle and Luba. I’ve never had Bulgarian food, which I’d guess isn’t that uncommon considering there’s only one Bulgarian restaurant in the whole city. The food was decent, although there was a limited selection for veggies. I had a stuffed portabello mushroom which was somewhat tasty, but nothing special. Everyone else seemed to love the Feta Fries, but they didn’t do much for me.

Luba had invited a bunch of her friends, so we got to expand our network of friends somewhat. Which is definitely more important than the food, of course. Their was also a belly dancer, so of course Sarah was delighted.

The best part of the night for me though, was after the belly dancer finished. The DJ turned up the volume and everyone hit the floor en masse. The whole place was totally devoid of attitude and ready to party. Being slightly loaded at that point, I decided that a Soul Train dance line would be fun. Unbelievably, everyone in the place participated! Tons of fun…

[Listening to: Licking Dub – Aggrovators – Bunny Lee Meets King Tubby and the Aggrovators Disc 1 (03:27)]