PhotoShop Causes Slowness Of Folders With Thumbnail View In XP

One of the things I like about WinXp is the ability to use the Thumbnail View in folders that contain image files. However, my system has been really slow in rendering the thumnails, and occasionally Explorer itself has crashed. I have a pretty souped up machine (or at least it was six months ago), so I really couldn’t understand it.

Well, today I accidentally searched google (I meant to type in an IM window) and bumped into a thread called Windows XP slow to display folders with images. Long story short, Photoshop 7’s Thumbnail feature seems to not behave nicely with XP’s similar feature. If you’re experiencing this issue, right click a file whose type is registered to Photoshop (say a JPG or GIF) and choose properties. You should see a tab called “Photoshop Image”. Just un-check the “Generate Thumbnails” checkbox and you should be on your way.

I just tried it, and my folders load as fast as google on a T1. Why didn’t I google this months ago?

p.s. As always, this is completely my own opinion and you’re completely to blame if you choose to follow the instructions listed here and your dog dies.