My Favorite Windows Media Player Auto Playlist

While I was munching on my Vegetarian Special at lunch yesterday, I decided to fool around with the new Auto Playlist feature in Windows Media Player 9. Auto Playlists are virtual playlists that are made up of songs matching certain criteria such as rating, genre or even the last time the song was played.

Being a life long pack rat, I never delete a song once it’s on my hard drive. Instead, I rate all of the songs I don’t want to hear as one star. Comedy skits, interludes, and other things I only want to hear on occasion I rate as two stars. Unfortunately, I spend most of my listening time shuffling through the “All Music” folder, which means I hear those songs I don’t like pretty regularly.

Auto Playlists are a perfect solution. I created a new Auto Playlist by right clicking the Auto Playlists folder and named it “Stuff I Don’t Hate”. Under “Create An auto playlist that includes the following”, I chose “My Rating Is At Least Two Stars”. I added a second criteria “Date Played Is Before Last Week” so that I’d avoid listening to the same group of songs all of the time. Now I’m in song shuffle heaven…yet another cool feature in WMP9.

[Listening to: Heaven and Hell – Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (04:57)]