Nothing to add on the baseball front…

I haven’t been posting anything Mets related lately, as I don’t really have much to add. There’s really no reason to pile on the already wounded, even if they’re losing an ugly double header 21-3 or breaking up the Ranger’s nine game losing steak. It’s sizing up to be a third straight dissappointing year for our squad; one in which the only real things to look forward to are some up and comers. I’ve already talked about Jason Phillips whose been swinging a good bat since getting a shot as first baseman in Mo’s absense. The newest hint of good news was the first major league appearance of Jose Reyes, who had a pretty solid debut. I’m not getting involved with the hype machine tho, I’m still feeling scarred by the whole Generation K thing.

Then again, one member of Generation K went on to fame and fortune…unfortunately not with the Mets.

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