Turandot In Central Park

Last Monday Berlinda invited Sarah and I to see “Turandot”, the first Met In The Parks opera of the year. About 18 of Berlinda’s other friends showed up and we wound up taking up a huge chunk of Central Park’s Great Lawn for ourselves. Everyone brought snacks and drinks (including a pretty good veggie pate and some tasty chianti straight from Venice), which really gave the night a tribal vibe. Considering the fact that I attended my first opera ever (Pagliacci at the DiCapo Theater) a few months ago, I’m really going Opera crazy.

The sound wasn’t great during the few brief speeches before the show, but was passable for the rest of the night. I was really pleasantly surprised after seeing the suspect looking speakers which we were actually listening to. After a few glasses of wine and a few tasty morsels, I leaned back and enjoyed…

At one point we were surprised to notice a pizza delivery guy. That’s right, someone amongst the hundred thousand or so attendees managed to convince a pizzeria to deliver to the Great Lawn in the middle of an Opera. Unfortunately, the picture didn’t come out, which means this once in a lifetime event won’t be recorded for posterity. Genius…I only hope the delivery guy got a great tip.

The best part of the night? When the opera was over, we only had to walk a block to get home.

Now that I think about it, Hye Yun is really responsible for this sudden burst of culture. I met both Berlinda and Oziel (who played Tonio in Pagliacci) at her wedding brunch. I need to hit her up for some more contacts!

[Listening to: My Time After Awhile – Buddy Guy – The Complete Chess Studio Sessions Disc 2 (03:01)]
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