The Truth Will Emerge

The most shocking thing to me about our conquering and occupying Iraq was how little political debate actually took place in our society. Where were the democrats to challenge the unprecedented action of attacking a country which had never attacked us? Where was the voice of reason to take the Bushites to task for their deceptive campaign to confuse the 9/11 issue with the Oil Saddam issues?

Come on! Did anyone else notice how often they refered to Hussein as a tyrant? Say it three times fast; terrorist, tyrant, terrorist, tyrant, terrorist, tyrant…it’s sick. Not to mention pathetic.

Well, at least the wall of deception is starting to show some cracks. Questions are being asked, and eventually the truth is going to come out. Read this speech by Senator Byrd, I highly recommend it.

[Listening to: Little Acorns – The White Stripes – Elephant (04:09)]
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