A Portrait Of The Developer As The Back Of My Head

Developer geek, IT geek, A/V geek, whatever. The two things that unite us all are:

  1. An unending desire to really understand the hows and whys that most people ignore.
  2. An unending desire to exert effort on projects or goals for the sake of exerting said effort.

I copied the second item from Morgan’swiki because I thought it was worded perfectly. Think back to the last time you thought “why am I doing this?” while working on a project for which you were receiving neither money or fame. How you answered that question easily places you in the geek or non-geek bucket.

But enough of my prattle, on to the video! The other day Morgan swung by my cube to show off his latest A/V toy. I quipped that I had never had such a good look at the back of my head and asked for a WMV. I was listening to Fischerspooner’s song “Emerge” at the time and asked him to add that as the soundtrack…if there is any doubt left as to Morgan’s good standing in the geek community, this post should seal it!

“A Portrait Of The Developer As The Back Of My Head”

File Size (MB) Format
4.53 WM9
768k 3.48 WM9
1.19 WM7

If you don’t have Windows Media Player, you can download it for free. Download it, laugh at the back of my head, and forward it to everyone in your address book (except for casey from Fischerspooner). Heck, stick it on kazaa and maybe the meme will spread.