Sweet Summertime

Yesterday was our first game for a while, and we were excited from the moment we woke up. It just happened to be the second game of Subway Series 2k3 and the first day of summer. So of course it was nasty and rainy all day. The game was slated to start at 1:20, but they didn’t pull the tarp off until around an hour later. By that time, the decision had been made to start Jeremy Griffiths in place of Glavine, which led to some scattered boos when Griffiths was announced. It was Griffiths’ first major league start, but the Shea faithful seemed more interested in the weather forecast implied by the switch from #47 to #46…more rain was coming.

Griffiths got off to a bad start, surrendering two runs in the first. The seemingly Yankee leaning crowd (shiver) started several mind numbingly stupid bandwagon chants. The Shea faithful, quality human being and New Yorkers all, responded in kind…unfortunately, they spent their time chanting “Yankees Suck” rather than the more Metcentric “Let’s Go Met’s”. Their hearts were in the right place though.

A few Met’s fielding miscues followed (no need to dwell on them, since technically they never happened), including another throwing mistake by Jeremy Burnitz had the blue and orange portion of the crowd worrying. However, Burnitz made up for his mental mistake by physically popping a Mussina pitch over the center field wall. By the third inning, we’d pulled to within a run at 4-3 Yankees, and we had two on with nobody out as The One stepped to the plate. The game was then called on account of rain…and I would have joined the more conspiracy minded in questioning the timing if I hadn’t been freezing and soaked. Next time I’m just going to buy one of those ponchos

They’re going to make it up with another split stadium double-header, which is kind of cool I guess. I’m still bummed out though…it was starting to look like a game for the ages. There has been a lot of grumbling about lost luster when it comes to the Interleague Rivalries, and maybe there’s some truth to the grumbles that six games a year is overkill. In NYC though, the rivalry is alive and well and will be for the foreseeable future. Even on a rainy day in June, with our team in last place and trying to begin rebuilding, every single pitch felt like it meant something.

By the way, I almost got into a fight waiting on the bathroom line. No surprise, drunk Yankee fans tried cutting the line, and then played dumb when I stopped them. Then again, perhaps they weren’t acting…I don’t hate all Yankee fans. There are tons of people who love the storied history of the premier sports franchise in the world. Then there are the other 99.999% who couldn’t care less about baseball, and who were no doubt Bulls fans, and Cowboys fans, and Celtic fans as the bandwagon moved from team to team. When I was a kid, almost no one in NY rooted for the Yankees…especially not in the NL strongholds of Queens and Brooklyn. Seven years of dominance and Yankees logos have spread like SARS…in the words of “You Can’t Do That On Television“, that’s disgusting!

[Listening to: Don’t Lie to Me – Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan – In Session (08:59)]