I love software whose name ends in "-ster"

I just joined Friendster, a kind of networking community. No, not networking in the Cisco will eat your lunch sense, networking in the “here’s my business card” sense.

I could argue that I did it to try and learn more about social software, and the new behavior patterns that arise due to new technology. But this isn’t a Groove blog, so I won’t bother lying. I just want to see if I can once again use the internet to improve my sorry social life.

I actually met a previous girlfriend on AOL. It was really cool, she’d checked out my old band’s web site, and was interested the first time we bumped into each other in a chatroom. Yes, I used to chat on AOL. More than likely, you did too. If not, I’m sure you posted prodigiously to at least one newsgroup or Message Board. No? You must have used IRC then? Ok, maybe I’m just a dork.

Let’s not have a repeat of my High School years! Do me a favor and join my network of friends. Make me feel good. I have the feeling that I may be the only member of friendster who is really looking for friends and not dates, so I don’t want to wind up “playing the wall as it were”.

Ok, no more posts earlier than 10:00. 😉

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