Hey, how are you doing?

My friend Igor has a good habit which I’m hoping to adopt. He says “Hey, what’s going on?” to everyone he comes in contact with. Co-workers, the guy who works the cashier at the sandwich place we get lunch from, even the guys who work at the parking garage.

He doesn’t just mumble it on his way past them in the manner that signals I’m just saying this to say it. He slows down, smiles, makes eye contact and let’s them know he actually means it. Obviously, he’s not expecting them so reply “Ok, but the gout in my toe is acting up, and I’m late on my mortgage payment”. They understand that, and they aren’t planning on opening up the intimate details of their lives. But the simple gesture of taking a few seconds to be friendly in situations where most of us treat other human beings like robot butlers really makes an impression.

How so? Well, everywhere he goes people slow down, smile, make contact and say “Hey Igor, how are you doing?”. That’s pretty cool.

I took the lesson to heart a few weeks ago, and I’ve tried to be more friendly to the people I come into casual contact with. It’s already paid dividends; the guy who cleans the office where I’m working always say “Hello” when he comes by. After a long day, in a nearly empty office, it’s apparent how much we’re all starving for a little friendliness and brotherhood.

Ok, back to my normal negative outlook. 😉