Ah, The Convention

I’m not a big fan, to be honest. I’ve always taught myself by mucking around with new technology and powerpoint presentations lull me to sleep faster than warm milk and a ride on the train. On top of that, most of the presenters try to appeal to a large audience, which means covering the basics even in a 300 level session.

It’s hot and humid in the N.O., tropical hot. And I hate heat more than anything. There’s enough humidity to make a NY summer feel damn right crisp. Well it’s not hot today, but it has been. The rain yesterday seems to have cooled things off for the moment at least. If I’m lucky, maybe it will rain until next Wednesday when I head home. At the very least, air conditioning is plentiful, unlike Europe as I recently learned.

Yesterday I decided to get a Martin travel guitar to while away some of those hours in the hotel. There was a little drizzle in the air, but I figured it would stop in 15 minutes or so like most of the tropical rain storms I’ve seen previously. About five blocks into my walk it started coming down in biblical proportions, and I had to hide under a bank overhang with about 20 other fellow travellers. I got the guitar eventually, and it stopped raining just as I stepped out of the International Vintage Guitar Store.

Well, I’d better go, I hear the rumblings of a major .ppt presentation powering up.