@#&!ing Frontpage Extensions

So, something has happened and I can’t create web projects on my workstation. When I try to create a new web project in VS.Net or Frontpage, the dialog hangs and I eventually have to shut down the application. I’ve also tried accessing the web server by adding a new network location, and the same thing happens.

I uninstalled and re-installed the frontpage extensions. No dice.

Just for kicks, I’m running the repair wizard for Frontpage 2003 and VS.NET. I don’t expect it to do anything.

I’ve scoured the knowledge base, googled every possible description of the errors I’m seeing and still nothing. I’m starting to get annoyed…

Then again, that’s what I get for running all of this DogFood on my machine. I’ve been travelling and then at the big old convention, so I’m not even sure when this stopped working, and what software might have caused it. Ugh.

So yeah, smart clients…