Feel the Buzz

I was never a big coffee drinker until about two years ago. I wound up stuck at seatac with five hours to kill before my flight. I’d just missed the last afternoon flight, and was going to be leaving on a flight at around midnight local time (which was three a.m. NY time).

I got my self a triple espresso and chocalate covered expresso beans from the Starbucks in the airport. By the time my flight boarded, I’d written an entire ASP.NET app (I don’t remember what it actually did) and beaten my career best minesweeper score.

I’m not an espresso addict, but I like a nice caffeine buzz as much as the next man. So what’s a coffee drinker to do during the long hot summer? I invented my own warm weather Starbucks concoction:

  1. One Iced Trippio in a venti cup
  2. One bottle of Tazo Brambleberry

I call it a Brambleberry Buzz. Mix, drink and enjoy a nice refreshing kick of C8-H10-N4-O2 for those long work days.