Cripes, there goes my Subway Riding Idea

I’m in need of a new project. Tipsy is progressing slowly but surely, but I need something else to obsess about in the short term. I came up with a pretty decent idea on the subway the other day, namely to ride each and every train in the system. Well, as always, I’m a day late and a dollar short.

I stumbled on the Satan’s Laundromat photoblog searching for information on the latest flash mob activity in NY. The post just before that? It turns out SL has stolen my subway riding idea before I even thought of it. He just finished riding the whole subway system.

Back to the drawing board!

Speaking of Flash Mobs, let me be the first to say the concept is dead. It’s only a matter of time before the idea implodes on itself…what’s my evidence? I know about it for christ’s sake. I was going to try participating in the future, but I want to start something really secret. Then I’ll post about it, the meme will spread and…uh, screw it.

The whole worshipping a dinosaur thing was pretty cool tho.

[Listening to: Bird Nest on the Ground – Muddy Waters – The Chess Box Disc 3 (02:54)]