So I made my first trip to Shea since June

It was a ridiculously humid night, the kind of night where you can cup your hand and grab water out of thin air. In the bottom of the eighth, once the game seemed well in hand, I actually rooted against my own team just so that I could get back home to sweet sweet air conditioning. It was well worth the weight loss though as I got to see Mike Piazza’s triumphant return and a win. A crushing win against a first place team, no less.

In the third inning Piazza crushed a two run homerun to give us Met’s boosters a taste of our former winning ways. Jose Reyes led off the inning with a single, and then stole second. Reyes was definitely in Jerome Williams’ mind from the time he reached base judging by the number of throw overs and look overs he made. Whether or not being rattled and pitching from the stretch impacted his pitching to Piazza is something I’ll leave up to the experts, since sabermetrics has proven that stealing bases isn’t a good idea.

Good pitching from Trachsel, five RBIs for Piazza, and Reyes being a pest on the base paths. A great night all around.