So I've had the PVR for two weeks now

It’s been about two and a half weeks since I got the new Time Warner DVR and I can’t imagine how I watched TV without it. When I’m looking forward to a show I schedule it for recording. Then I tune into the show about fifteen minutes after it starts. That let’s me fast forward all of the stuff I couldn’t care less about; namely intros and commercials.

This makes watching things that are rampant with commercials, like football and A&E, a totally different experience.

My favorite TV show comes on Bravo at 1pm every day. It’s also one of Sarah’s favorites, but she’s at work during the day. So, I record it whenever an episode we haven’t seen comes on, and we can get our mystery fix whenever it’s convenient.

It’s well worth the $6.95/mo that Time Warner charges. To be honest, I wish I’d bought a PVR a long time ago.