Supplemental Category Tags for Movable Type

I spent today bashing my head against technology and my own stupidity. In the morning I realized that I’d forgotten to enable terminal services on the server I built yesterday. No big deal, except for the fact that my apartment is in a different friggin borough than the server. After getting a colleague to do that install, I realized that the additional software I needed to complete the install was in ISO format. That means I’m going to have to burn it to CD before I can actually run the setup. Anyway, I’ll be onsite tomorrow.

I spent the afternoon trying to do some pretty trivial sounding stuff in Sharepoint…suffice it to say, it’s not working.

Anyway, calling it a day for actual work I was able to upgrade out MT install (see previous entry) and also install Brad Choate’s Supplemental Category Tags for Movable Type. The new tag I was most interested in is MTIfCategory which allows you to do conditional stuff based on what category an entry is in. Eventually (hopefully) that will lead to some funky stuff in the next design for Pickabar. For the time being, I’ve just added “(coding)” below the title of entries that are in the coding category so the 5 (out of 6) readers of this site who aren’t developers won’t be turned off.

Now I can sleep tonight w/o feeling like the whole day was a waste!