The Tuesday Suits

Alright folks, time for your humble author to pretend he’s a music critic. I won’t pretend to listen to enough music to be able to give any piercing insight, just uninformed opinion as always.

On August 30th Sarah, Rich and yours truly headed to Arlene’s Grocery to check out a few local bands. Really, we were bored on a Saturday night and couldn’t think of anything better to do.

We got there pretty late and so missed Chasing Sunday and The Danglers. Sarah and I had just lifted our first drinks to our lips when Hoggboy hit the stage. I’ll be honest, their pretentious swaggering demeanor, leather jackets and tight jeans turned me against them before I’d even heard their music. I find it a lot easier to deal with the “It” garage band of the moment thing when I can listen to the music without having to look at the musicians. They have a much heavier take on that garage rock sound all the kids are playing, but it didn’t do anything for me. Sarah digged what sounded like ample use of double bass. Take what I’m saying with a grain of salt though, as I’ll probably be extolling their virtues shortly. It’s happened before.

Rich showed up just as the band I’d actually come to see, The Tuesday Suits, hit the stage. Another band riding the garage rock wave, but with lots of Brit-Pop sounding hooks and double guitar thrown in. The personal lyrics and heartfelt singing also helped to differentiate them from the stage personas that performed earlier. Maybe Lisa has just corrupted me with too much Ted Leo, but I liked them a lot despite myself. Enough in fact that I plunked down the seven bucks for their self titled CD. I’ve only listened to it a few times, and mostly while I’ve been working, but I’ve really enjoyed it. “You Never Lied” starts off the disc and immediately pulls you in with simple but clever lyrics, but “Sam, Dean & Me” is my favorite. The first time I heard it I was transported to a time a few years ago when I spent a lot of time chewing on my loneliness and regretting my mistakes. Well, not that time, but the first days when I felt myself emerging from the hole. Once again, simple but powerful lyrics:

With your fingers I can trace
Your outline on my sheets
And the mirror shows me nothing
And the wind still knows your name

I’m OK
But I can’t forget you

Alright, enough sappiness. I’m going to clear my head with some Sheer Terror. You go check out the MP3 samples on The Tuesday Suits site.