Home Recording Fun

On Saturday I thought my cold was abaiting, and so I decided to venture out of my cave. I went with Lori and a friend of hers whose name escapes me to a tiki party at a loft in Williamsburg. There weren’t a ton of people there, but the ones who were there were really creative and I came away inspired to start home recording.

It was exactly what you’d expect from an artists loft; creaky stairs, a bit rundown and with a ridiculous amount of living space. It also had a cool terrace with a surreal view of downtown brooklyn. When I first arrived at the party I sat on the edge of the terrace and leaned against the wire railing. After listening to our host describe how he’d just installed the railing, and looking over into the gaping construction hole next door, I got a touch of vertigo and decided to relocate.

One of the cool folks I met was a guy from Tennesee named Bill. We started out talking about cosmology and string theory, and somehow meandered to the subject of home recording. Check out some of the stuff Bill’s recorded. Trippy.

I left the party after only an hour or so when the cold started to re-assert itself. Since then, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time trying to record some stuff of my own on my PC.

I started out trying to use Cubasis VST (2.0 not 4.0), which I purchased about a year ago. I didn’t make any progress, just as I hadn’t the last time I tried. The software is completely non-intuitive, and follows very few of the standard windows application conventions for menus, etc. On top of that, every track I record for a particular song seems to be slightly delayed from the track proceeding it. While it makes for some psychedlic sounding stuff, it’s not exactly what I’m looking for when I try to lay down a simple blues song. I’m sure that I’m doing something silly, but I think I’ve already spent too much time trying to fool around with and research Cubasis, and not enough time actually laying down tracks.

After some googling I stumbled onto Pro Tools Free, which is a freeware version of the software that tons of professional producers use. I was pretty psyched to find out about the free download, but unfortunately the software doesn’t work on WinXP. I’ve tried running it in emulation mode, still no dice. It doesn’t seem like an XP compatible version will be available anytime soon…so back to the drawing board.

Next up is Acid Pro 4.0. I’ll post more info when I’ve had a chance to try it out.