One more test to go for my MCSD for .Net

People say that the Microsoft certification tests aren’t important, and that they measure the ability to memorize information from textbooks rather than real world skills. I can’t argue with those criticisms, the tests are very often focused on rote memorization rather than problem solving. However, the certifications do help me market my skills to the people who make personnel decisions and the customers who are trusting their solutions to me.

Anyway, I think it’s fun to take the tests. Occasionally, I even learn things about some of the features of the platform which I don’t typically run into in my work.

Blah blah blah, the point of this post is that I just passed the Developing and Implementing Web Applications with C# test today. The passing score was 700 and I got a 903, so I’m feeling pretty psyched. The test was pretty easy, but no surprise a lot of the questions focused on rote memorization of the exact name for an attribute or property.

If you’ve taken any MS certification tests lately you may be surprised that final scores are once again included on the test report rather than just a pass/fail notification. I think the change was probably originally made so that people who were taking the tests without any hands on experience couldn’t just keep taking the tests until they’d memorized enough to pass. I think it was a mistake taking it, and I’m glad they reverted to their original practice. I’d hate to fail a test by one question and not know how much additional preparation I need.

Ok, one more test to go for my MCSD for .Net.